Is your Baby demanding more attention and you are out of ideas on how to entertain them?

Just like me, you are probably in need of some fun and easy activities for your one-year-old. That’s why you’re here, right?

I am constantly looking for different activities for my daughter and have a list of many great ideas that I would love to share with you today! So if you are looking for Fun Activities For 1-year-Olds, you should keep reading. 

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Activities For 1-Year-Olds

Keeping Activities For 1-Year-Olds Easy & Simple

It is not always easy to entertain a baby all day long. As a stay-at-home mom myself, I know it can be really hard to fill an entire day with activities without putting in a lot of work.

One simple tip that I found very helpful is to rotate my daughter’s toys and activities during the week. If you offer your child too many options they most likely won’t be able to focus and therefore lose their interest very quickly. It will make both of you tired and overwhelmed, your place will probably be a mess and none of you will have a good time.

So whenever I find a new and fun activity, I will do the same one for a couple of days in a row. This way you don’t have to come up with new things every day, your place stays mostly tidy and your baby can learn to focus on one thing. Keep things simple and try not to make everything harder for yourself. 

Introducing Sensory Activities For 1-Year-Olds 

Your child is now at a great age to introduce sensory play to them. If you have never heard about sensory play, it pretty much means to let your child explore the environment on their own while using all of their five senses. Sight, Touch, Sound, Taste, and Smell. Between 1-2 years, they start exploring and experimenting so you should try to introduce activities that contribute to that.

Again, don’t make things harder than they need to be. It really doesn’t have to be anything complicated that needs a lot of work. Keep things simple for you and your child. 

Here are some great examples of Sensory Activities For 1-Year-Olds

Sticky Grab– Happily Every Mom

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

DIY Object Permanence Box – The Paige Diaries

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Baby Music Bin – Busy Toddler 

Activities For 1-Year-Olds

DIY Animal Sensory Board – Find The Little Mind

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Ribbon Box – Teaching Mama

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

DIY Baby Sensory Blocks – A Crafty Living

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Rainbow Spaghetti – A Crafty Living

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Sponge & Water Play – My Bored Toddler

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Cereal Pool – Busy Toddler

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Creative Activities For 1-Year-Olds

This one always scared me. It sounded super messy and seemed like it would cause a lot of work. Just thinking about cleaning up made me not want to do it. And to be honest, it is kind of messy and does take some work for cleaning up once you’re done, but it is so worth it! There are a couple of things you can do to keep the mess to a minimum and help both of you enjoy painting time more.

First, make sure your child is wearing clothes that can get dirty. Then, put down a mat or a drop cloth underneath the space where your child will be painting. I highly recommend you to use washable paints at that age, it’s much easier to get out. You can either let your baby draw with their fingers or offer them some brushes.

Most important tip: Always keep some paper towels and a bowl of water or a pack of wipes close to you. 

Here are some great examples of Painting Activities For 1-Year-Olds

Painting With Fruit & Vegetables – My Bored Toddler

Corn-Starch Paint – Brittany Comeaux

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Painting In A Jar – Sunny Day Family

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Neon & Taste Safe Finger Paint – I Heart Arts N Crafts

Easy and fun summer activities for 1-year-olds

Cotton Tips Painting – My Bored Toddler

Tabletop Painting – The Hippie Housewife

Potato Paint – Growing A Jeweled Rose

Painting With Kitchen Items – My Bored Toddler

Outdoor Activities For 1-Year-Olds

We are actually in the middle of summer (while writing this post), so it’s the perfect time to introduce some outdoor activities to my daughter.

She will turn one year old next month and she just started standing up on her own and taking her first steps while holding our hands. We always loved going on walks and little hikes with her, so now, it became even more important to us. Whenever the weather is really nice, I try to take her outside for at least an hour every day. Since we live downtown, we drive to the nearest park to be surrounded by nature.

If you have a backyard or at least a balcony, even better! Try to get outside at least once a day. Children at that age love crawling or walking around, seeing new things, and exploring their environment. 

Walk around the neighborhood or a park

Not a lot of explaining necessary. Just grab your stroller or bike and get outside. Your little one will be entertained by nature and you get some fresh air and movement.

You can also collect leaves and rocks on the way and bring them home to craft something out of them. Like painting stones or hanging up leaves. 

Draw With Chalks

One of my favorite childhood memories. Super easy and cheap. Get some chalks from the dollar store and show your child how to use them. They won’t be able to draw anything fancy obviously but they will most likely have fun and there is no cleaning up afterward. Yay! 

Water Your Plants

That’s another win-win activity. Show your one-year-old how to water your plants and let them do it for you. At least let them try. They will enjoy this activity and learn how to take care of plants at the same time. Plus, no mess, and mama can chill in a chair and watch them „have fun“. No this does not count as child work, it’s called independent play. 🙂 

Wash Your Outdoor Toys

Grab two big bins or containers. Fill one with water, one with a towel. Collect all your dirty outdoor toys and place them right next to the containers. Now show your child how to wash them. You can rub some dirt on the toys if needed. It’s perfect for summer, they can easily do it in their swimsuits and play with the water and their toys at the same time. 

Create A Crawl Space

If your baby can’t stand or walk yet, put a bigger blanket or play mat on the ground and place some toys on it. You can sit right next to your child to read, play, and snuggle with them while enjoying nature and getting some of that Vitamin D.

Hide And Seek

Just hide around various spots, close to your child, so they can come to find you. This is obviously for children who can crawl or walk already. Otherwise, you can sit next to them and hide under a blanket or behind a toy. It’s super fun and easy and probably the most adorable thing to watch! My daughter gets so excited every time we play it in our apartment and she freaks out whenever she finds me. 

I would recommend doing this in your own backyard or at a park with another adult watching. Just make sure to always have an eye on your child while playing hide & seek. 

Take A Bath

You can use your baby bathtub or a kid’s outdoor pool for this one. Fill it with water and some toys and you’re ready to go. 

There you have it. The most simple but still fun Activities For 1-Year-Olds. You get to spend some quality time with your little one and have fun without losing your mind. Plus, they will not only have a blast but also further their development through playing and learning. 

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