Are you looking for a way to entertain your 6-9 Month Old Baby? 

Keep reading and check out these Fun & Easy Baby Activities that will keep your little one busy and entertained.

Are you desperately looking for fun activities to entertain your Baby and just not as creative as all these genius Pinterest Moms? We both should be friends. Because I am the exact same!

Honestly, most of the day I don’t really know what to do with my daughter. I love watching her play with toys or explore our living room, but once she looks at me with her marble eyes, expecting some interaction, I feel overwhelmed.

If you feel just like me, you can stop worrying and finally start enjoying playtime!

Today I will share some genius and most importantly easy ways to entertain your Baby.  

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

You & Baby

Peek A Boo

Probably not a lot explaining necessary for this one, right? It’s the perfect game if your Baby can’t crawl yet. Either use your hands or a blanket to hide your face or make it even more exciting and move out of your Baby’s visual range like behind your Baby or a door. Make a noise or call „Where is ….“ so your Baby can turn around or look for you before you show. Just move to different locations every time to play again.

You can combine this game with some speech training. Use “Hi“ and “Bye“ whenever you hide and show up, this way your baby will learn to say these words much faster and understand the meaning behind them. 

Hiding Toys

A super simple activity I regularly do with my daughter: Show your Baby some smaller toys before hiding them under a look-threw object, like a glass or a transparent blanket/swaddle. You will challenge your Baby’s perception and develop his ability to find hidden objects.

Hide & Seek

A super simple activity I regularly do with my daughter: Show your Baby some smaller toys before hiding them under a look-threw object, like a glass or a transparent blanket/swaddle. You will challenge your Baby’s perception and develop his ability to find hidden objects.

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Tug of War

Simply give your Baby a towel or something else to hold on to. Gently pull on the other end while going back and forth between you and your Baby. This will not only be fun and lets your Baby experience a new motion, but also help with upper body strength.

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Filling & Emptying

Grab a container, transparent would work best, and fill it with small, safe, and age-appropriate toys. Now start showing your Baby how to put toys into the container and encourage him to try. This activity will help develop the understanding of spatial relations: “How much fits inside”. Once your Baby figured that one out, show them to take those toys out again. 

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Three Hands

Make sure your Baby has one toy in each hand. Once both hands are busy, offer your Baby a third object. Watch if he will try to grab the toy with both full hands or let the other toys drop. This activity actually encourages problem-solving and over time your Baby will put down one of the toys before grasping the new one.

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Reading Books

This one is probably the most timeless activity out there and appropriate for every age. Grab some books, sit down right next to your Baby, and start your Story Time. Reading is so beneficial for your Baby’s speech and brain development. Plus it’s super easy and doable for you. 

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Obstacle “Crawl”

Once your Baby starts crawling, you can set up a little obstacle course for him. Use different pillows, blankets or even a sheet draped over a chair to make a tunnel. It’s very fun and entertaining to watch and your Baby will develop his crawling skills as well as body strength and coordination.

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Going For A Walk

Another timeless and easy activity for every age group: Nature is full of different colors, shapes, and textures, so it’s the perfect learning ground for your Baby. Your Baby is now at an appropriate age to be sitting on the ground to explore. Encourage them to touch and feel the grass, rocks, sticks, and leaves. Make sure to watch out for any choking hazards and don’t leave your Baby unattended with any objects. 

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Get ready for a bunch of amazing Baby Activities 6-9 Months that I found on my favorite Mommy Blogs. All you need is to DIY some of these and let your Baby play independently. In the meantime, you can enjoy some Mommy Time or simply get things done around the house.

Fluffy Bin – By Busy Toddler

A super easy and quick activity for your sitting Baby. Just use your old kiddie pool or a big basket and fill it up with fluffy toys and stuffed animals. 

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Dry Bath – By Busy Toddler

Perfect and quick activity for every Mom who needs a few minutes to herself. While your Baby is sitting in the tub, you can easily get ready and do a quick tidy up. 

Baby Music Bin – By Busy Toddler

Just grab a tray or any kind of flat bin. Place some noisy toys you have at home in there. You can use homemade rattles, baby rings and any instrument for it. That’s it. Simple, but super fun. 

Baby Activities 6-9 Months

Under The Umbrella – Best Toys 4 Toddlers

Decorate one of your old umbrellas, or get a very colorful one like on the picture, with different objects. This rainbow activity is perfect for Babies before their Nap Time, because they are already laying on their backs.

DIY Sensory Bags – By Disney Family

Sensory Bags are one of my favorite Baby Activities. They are very easy to make, appropriate for different ages and super fun for your Baby. Check out this collection of 13 DIY Sensory Bags by different Mom Blogs.

Rat-a-Tat Tins – By Learn With Play At Home 

All you need are some cake/baking tins of different sizes and shapes and something that your Baby can use to bang on these. Be prepared for some loud and shivery sounds.

Water Tray Play – By Learn To Play At Home

Just put your Baby in the High Chair, fill the tray with water and place some bottle tops on there. Meanwhile, you can easily prepare dinner. Your Baby will be busy grabbing and chewing on the lids while you can focus on cooking. Just don’t leave your Baby unattended while playing with tops.

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