The one question every Mom asked herself at least once: How can I be sure my baby is developing in time?

A little spoiler: There is no perfectly right and horrible wrong, no black and white, no explicit and well-defined way. So you can’t because every Baby develops at a different pace.

As moms, we are constantly worried that our Babies are falling behind, not learning skills fast enough, not hitting all their milestones. Listen, Mommy, I may not be able to give you the perfect, exact answer to your question, but I promise you that: By the end of this post, you will at least know what milestones and skills your Baby should have reached by the 12 Months mark.

Although every baby develops in a very different way and pace, it’s still important to know what to look out for. So today I will be sharing the expected Baby Development Of A 10-12-Month-Old. 

Motor Skills – Baby Development 10-12 Months

During these months, your baby will learn to pull themselves up to stand and cruise along with the furniture. Some Babies may start to stand alone and maybe even take a few independent steps. Your Baby will maintain balance when sitting while throwing toys or objects.

They will also learn to pick up smaller objects with their thumb and pointer finger. As well as releasing toys into a larger opened container. By this time, they move around a lot and switch their positions to explore their environment or get the desired toy. A very fun new skill: They will start clapping their hands. Either to imitate you or just in random situations. 

Coordination Skills – Baby Development 10-12 Months

In order to explore their surroundings, Babies can switch in and out of different positions, like crawling to sitting, standing to climbing, or cruising to walking. Most Babies are now primarily crawling or even walking to get to desired objects or places.

Your Baby should now sit completely unsupported and not lose their balance when turning their head to look around, throwing balls, or being gently poked. They should also use both hands equally to play or explore new objects. 

Communication Skills – Baby Development 10-12 Months

Probably the most exciting new skill: Your Baby will now start using „mama“ or „dada“ on purpose. Some Babies may say one or two words more than that. But most Babies should at least imitate various speech sounds by now. Your Baby should also respond to simple directions like „come here“ or „where is..“ while paying attention to where you are looking or pointing towards.

Babies now do understand and react to the word „no“. So start using it mindfully to help your Baby understand rules and boundaries. Watch out for any hand movements. Your Baby may try to communicate their wants and needs, like reaching their arms towards you to be picked up.

Social Skills – Baby Development 10-12 Months

Your Baby gets more and more interested in interacting with you. Watch out if they can maintain eye contact while playing or participating in activities like „peek a boo” or „hide and seek“. They also love listening to music and sounds, especially when you sing something to them.

Babies enjoy playing with toys that have different textures as well as playing or banging on musical toys. They will now explore toys and objects through touch and smell, which means hands, fingers, and mouth. Your Baby should turn their head in response to their name being called and now start pointing to objects or persons of interest. 

By now, Babies usually…

  • enjoy bath time
  • tolerate diaper and outfit changes
  • cry, especially when getting hurt
  • calm themselves to fall asleep
  • have an established day and sleep schedule
  • stay calm during car rides (when not hungry or tired)
  • eat a variety of food
  • feel comforted by cuddling
  • calm down during rocking, parent’s touch, and calming sounds
  • are generally happy (when not hungry or tired)

There is no need to freak out in case your Baby is missing any of the mentioned milestones or skills. Missing one or two abilities is normal since every Baby develops very differently.

However, if you notice that your Baby is missing various of the mentioned skills, ask your pediatrician for advice.

You should definitely talk to your pediatrician if your Baby… 

  • still has bad head control in an upright position
  • only uses arms to stand up or has struggles standing up because of stiff legs and pointed toes
  • can only maintain a sitting position by using their hands
  • becomes fuzzy or is in obvious pain when moving
  • shows extreme reactions whenever they are exposed to a new object or touch a new texture
  • never turns if you call their name
  • does not show any signs of understanding common words like „mama“ or „dada“
  • can’t use fingertips to pick up small objects
  • rejects any kind of solid food and only drinks milk

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