Are you already chasing your crawling Baby everywhere or still waiting for them to sit by themselves?

How can you be sure that your baby is developing in time?

The first half of your Baby’s first year is over and the second half is about to begin. The next few months will be filled with so many development changes that you should probably leave your Phone on record for whenever you need it! 

But what exactly should your Baby be doing, and when do they start hitting new milestones? In the first six months, Babies learn to control their big, waggly heads and how to roll over from one side to the other. So the next months are all about learning to get mobile.

Although every baby develops in a very different way and pace, it’s still important to know what to look out for. So today I will be sharing the expected Baby Development Of A 6-9-Month-Old. 

Baby Development 6-9 Months

Physical Skills – Baby Development 6-9 Months

6 Months

By 6 Months, your Baby should be able to roll over in both directions, which means front to back and back to front. They also begin to sit without any support and sometimes even sit up by themselves. Most Babies can now support their own weight while standing and may even start bouncing. If your baby rocks back and forth while on all fours, that’s completely normal and a good sign. Some Babies actually start crawling backward before moving forward.

9 Months

By 9 Months, your Baby should be able to get into a sitting position without help. They should also be able to sit without any support by now. Most Babies can now pull themselves up to stand and stand for a longer period of time while holding on to something. Most Babies are now able to crawl around.

Cognitive Skills – Baby Development 6-9 Months

6 Months

By 6 Months, your Baby starts to look around at things nearby. If something that is out of reach seems interesting enough, they may start reaching out for it. They should be able to pass toys or objects from one hand to the other. Babies also love to put everything in their mouth, which is called mouthing. It is absolutely normal and actually signals a growing interest in the world around them.

9 Months

By 9 months, you can watch your Baby follow the path of a falling object. If you hide something while they are watching you, they should start looking for the hidden object. The same goes if you are playing hide and seek with them. Moving objects from one hand to the other should work pretty smoothly by now and they should be able to hold onto a toy in one hand while you offer them a toy for the other hand. Their fine motor skills should be improved to a point that they can grab small cereal between thumb and index finger and place it in their mouth.

Language & Communication – Baby Development 6-9 Months

6 Months

By 6 Months, your Baby starts responding to sounds you make with either the same or other sounds. They sometimes even take turns while making „ah“/„eh“/„oh“ sounds with their parents. Babies also make sounds based on their emotions to either show their joy or displeasure. They should now start responding if you call them by their name. 

9 Months

By 9 Months, your Baby will react whenever you say „no“. Be consistent now so that they understand what is right and what’s not. They also start making different sounds like „mamama“, „dadada“ or „bababa“. Whenever you do sounds or gestures, you may watch them copy those. Some Babies now start to point their fingers at objects or a person.

Social & Emotional – Baby Development 6-9 Months

6 Months

By 6 Months, your Baby starts recognizing familiar faces and knows when someone is a stranger. They also love playing with other people, especially their parents. Babies now start to respond to other people’s emotions and smile back when happy. They also like to look at themselves in a mirror, although they do not understand that it’s their own face in the mirror yet.

9 Months

By 9 Months, most Babies now start being afraid of strangers and become more clingy with familiar adults. They may have their favorite toy(s) now and are constantly looking for it.

As mentioned before, every baby develops at its own pace. That is why I only included Months 6 and 9. Between those months your Baby should be developing the mentioned skills. In case you do not recognize an improvement in any of these skills during those months, you should consult your pediatrician and ask for further (medical) advice. 

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