Baby Nursery Theme Ideas

Let’s be honest, your baby may not care what their first room looks like, but you will probably spend many hard and exhausting late nights in this room, so let’s make sure it’s at least cute and comfy.

This nursery will be your baby’s first home. It will the space that welcomes them into the world, so it should have an inviting, calming, and fun atmosphere full of wonder. But your baby’s nursery shouldn’t just be cute and aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be functional and comfortable for you. 

So let the following unique theme ideas help you with designing the perfect, sweet and functional baby room.

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Rainbow Nursery

Probably one of my favorite themes, so of course it will be the first one on this list. I just love the diversity of this theme. You could go all in and make this room a colorful dream, or stick to more neutral and boho-like colors.

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Woodland Nursery

There is one thing you should know about me: I adore animals. I adore them so much, I even stopped eating them. Joke aside, how adorable is this Woodland Themed Baby Nursery?

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Winnie The Pooh Nursery

Who doesn’t love Winnie The Pooh? It was definitely one of my favorite books back in my childhood. Plus, this theme is just stinking cute.

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Safari Nursery

Okay, I promise it will be the last animal-inspired theme. But I couldn’t stop myself from putting it on the list. I mean… can you blame me?

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Moon & Stars Nursery

Where are all my moon friends at? This theme has such a calm and sleepy atmosphere. Which is exactly what we want, right?

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Floral Baby Nursery

Super feminine and probably more suitable for a baby girl, but absolutely beautiful.

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Ocean Inspired Nursery

How sweet would this nursery be for everyone who either lives near the ocean or always felt strongly connected with water?

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Boho Baby Nursery

I love how versatile and beautiful this theme is. You can even include rainbows, animals, and your love for the ocean here while sticking to a more calming and neutral color theme.

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The Little Prince Nursery

One of my favorite books (and now even movies) that I love to read (and watch) with my daughter. This theme could give your nursery such a magical and wondrous atmosphere. 

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Minimal Nursery

Just like me, there are probably a lot of moms out there that are a big fan of a more minimal lifestyle. Why not create a more minimal room for your baby then? It’s very similar to the “Boho” inspired nursery, just a bit more color neutral.

That was it, Mama. I hope you love these Nursery Ideas just as much as I do.

Have fun decorating!

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Baby Nursery Ideas
Baby Nursery Ideas