Are you a new mom, or dad, looking for ways to make your house safe for your new arrival?

You came to the right place!

Baby-Proofing your house is an absolute must! It all happens so fast! One day, your newborn is laying on the back, the next day, they are crawling around the house.

Okay… maybe not as fast, but you get the point.

Babies grow up so fast and before you know it, you have a little walker, trying to explore every room and draw in the house!

So it’s a good idea to start baby-proofing your place as soon as possible. Try to get it done before the baby is born, cause once you are holding your precious bundle of joy, they will take all your time and focus.

I decided to write and share this Baby-Proofing Checklist, that I used for Baby-Proofing my own apartment back in the days, to help all future parents feel comfortable and safe with their baby at home.

Here are a few, very essential, things to consider when baby-proofing your home:

The one thing we took care of first was Safety Gates for our stairs. Once babies start crawling, the first thing they seem to be interested in are steps. I mean, they pretty much look like a playground, and babies loooove climbing.

Even if you don’t have stairs in your place, Safety Gates can help keep your babies in a safe area. You can use them to keep your baby in a baby-safe room and prevent them from „escaping“.

Just make sure to screw your safety gates into the wall, especially if you use them at the top of a staircase.

Talking about how much babies love climbing… Our daughter loved using our couch to climb up the window sills to play with the handles. The apartment we lived in was on the third floor, so you can imagine my anxiety every time I saw her doing it.

We quickly ordered some Window Guards to prevent her from opening the windows and falling down from the third floor. Ahhh… so scary.

Even if you think your baby has no chance to reach your windows, or you have screens installed, having some window guards set up is always a good idea!

Okay, it may seem like those tiny pieces of plastic won’t do much, but they actually prevented some BIG and BAD injuries for us.

Many tables or shelf corners are at the same height as a baby’s or toddler’s head when they are standing. Since toddlers aren’t known to be the most gracious walkers, they could stumble and hit the corner of your table at any given moment.

Hello, bloody head injury!

Of course, it will still hurt when your baby’s head bumps into an edge bumper, but it will less likely end in a serious head injury.

If you don’t want to or can’t use the safety gates to keep your little one in a baby-proof room, you should check out these handy door nob covers.

Kids are very curious little creatures, and especially rooms they are not allowed in, seem to be the most exciting ones. Plus, kids love testing their boundaries.

So Door Nub Covers are perfect for keeping them out of the areas you don’t want them in. Like closets, bathrooms, or even the front and back door.

Another great way to keep your baby from getting into places you don’t want them in are cabinet and drawer locks. Kids love getting into every single cabinet they possibly can.

Safety latches or magnetic door locks are the perfect way to keep household chemicals, cleaning supplies, and possible choking hazards out of reach from these tiny, curious hands.

Let’s keep talking about kitchens. Probably the most dangerous room in the house for a toddler. So it needs some extra safety precautions.

Once your baby grows into the toddler stage and starts reaching for stuff, it won’t be a big struggle for them to turn on a stove while you don’t pay attention for a second.

You don’t want to have gas leaking in your kitchen or burn yourself when accidentally touching the stove. Imagine having a kitchen towel on a hot stove and leaving the house. Man… Scary things.

To prevent these horrible incidents from happening, get yourself some stove knobs! They work like doorknob covers and make it impossible for a toddler to turn the stove on.

Another thing and great mommy hack to keep in mind: Get into the habit of only using the rear stove burners if possible. It will prevent your toddler’s hands from getting burned.

More locks!

It may seem strange, but toilet bowls can be a fascinating place for babies and toddlers. Some love to throw stuff like phones or wallets in it, and some like to climb inside the bowl to see what is in there.

Since a toddler’s head is pretty big and heavy, it can be hard for them to pull themselves out if they accidentally fall into the toilet.

So to prevent your toddler from drowning or having your belongings destroyed, get yourself some toilet lock covers. Even if you have your door locks installed, you never know if someone in the house forgets to close the door.

Better safe than sorry!

The last thing you should definitely think about doing is anchoring your furniture to the wall. As toddlers become more adventurous and mobile they may try to climb on things like bookshelf or cabinets.

Another reason to think about doing it is earthquakes. You don’t want heavy furniture to fall on your little human. So if you live in an area like California, where earthquakes are a thing, don’t forget about this baby-proofing detail.

And don’t worry about aesthetics, you can anchor your furniture from the backside and no one will be able to see it!


I hope you enjoyed my Baby-Proofing Checklist and can use these 8 Ways to create a safe environment for your baby and soon toddler.

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Baby-Proofing Checklist How To Baby-Proof your Home
Baby-Proofing Checklist How To Baby-Proof your Home