Are you a first-time mom and looking for a minimal, but must-have, Baby Registry list?

You came to the right place!

This (printable) Baby Registry Checklist is designed to minimize and simplify your baby registry.

It will prevent you from getting all the things you will probably never use and help you not forget about the most essentials you absolutely need to have!

About The Baby Registry Checklist:

  • I tried my best to keep it as minimal as possible. So it will save you money and time!
  • This list will cover EVERYTHING you will need! And I’m talking about the things you will actually NEED!
  • You will find some optional items, that are not a must-have, but definitely something you should consider getting.

Before we continue, I will let you know that I actually decided not to list all the items in this post. 

Why? Here are the reasons:

  • It would take forever to write them down and read through them, and you already have it in the form of a list.
  • I already wrote two similar posts about this topic that include most of the items on my list. If you want, you can go ahead and check these out!
    Must-Have Baby Essentials
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  • Plus, all these products would probably be connected to an Amazon link. But you may decide not to create your baby registry on there and choose a different site for that.

What I decided to do instead is answering some commonly asked questions about baby registries and get all your concerns out of the way. So if you like the printable Baby Registry Checklist, make sure to continue reading until the end of this post.

Baby Registry Checklist For New moms

Here are a few common items that you can leave out to keep your registry minimal:

  • Items for later stages: Your little one won’t need a high chair, spoons, or lots of toys until they are quite a bit older. (6+ months)
  • Lots of Newborn Clothes: Everyone loves to gift baby clothes once the baby is born. Of course, you can still put them on your baby registry, but try to aim for things that are „more important“. Plus, your newborn can only wear as many clothes, they grow out of newborn clothes super fast and most of the clothes will probably stay unused.

There is no specific time when you should start your baby registry. But to be safe, you should probably wait until the second trimester. 

You will probably have a lot of other things in mind during the first few months anyway and the famous morning sickness will probably take all your attention.

Where Should You Create Your Baby Registry?

There are so many stores or websites that offer baby registries. But to make it easy for you and everyone else, I’d highly recommend using Pretty much everyone is using it on a daily already and most even have Amazon Prime.

As an alternative, you can also use as a universal registry. You can add items from any website of your choice and make it super easy for your family and friends to shop.

Should You Include Items For A Later Baby Age Or Even The Toddler Stage?

Of course you can include some Toddler Items on your baby registry, in the end, it’s your list. But think about it that way:

You will have to store all these items for a year or more before you can actually use them. And the worst case scenario, your toddler won’t even like and play with them. Plus, there are always birthdays where you get the chance to score things like clothes, toys and books for your toddler.


I hope this Baby Registry Checklist was helpful for you. Keeping your list minimal will help saving you and your loved ones some money. Plus, it will keep your home free of stuff you will never use.

If you would like to know more about what essential items you will need during pregnancy & motherhood, check out my other posts:

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Baby Registry Checklist For New moms
Baby Registry Checklist For New moms