Are you planning to breastfeed but don’t know what you need for it?

Keep reading to find out about the 10 Must-Have Breastfeeding Essentials every mom needs to have for her Nursing Kit!

In my post about “Breastfeeding Facts Every Mom Must Know About”, I write all about the most important things you should know about Breastfeeding as well as the struggles that come with it.

But as often in life, there is a solution to almost every problem! 

So, in case you are reading this while still pregnant, lucky you. Get yourself these breastfeeding essentials to make your life after birth much easier! If you already gave birth and are desperate for some help, your struggles will find an end.

1. Nipple Cream & Soothies

Probably one of the most common breastfeeding struggles for new moms are sore, hurting nipples! They are simply not used to this kind of stimulation and therefore get irritated in the beginning. I remember the pain of my sore nipples more than the actual pain of giving birth. Probably because it was hurting for a few weeks rather than only a few hours.

But don’t worry, there are quite a few things you can do to deal with the pain. In my opinion, these items are probably the most important breastfeeding essentials you will need!

2. Nipple Shield

Honestly, I think I wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed without one so these shields are one of my favorite breastfeeding essentials. A nipple shield helped my daughter latch perfectly and protect my nipple at the same time. Obviously, it’s totally up to you if you are willing to use one, but I highly recommend it, especially in the beginning.

 For us, there was never an issue to nurse her without one in the case of an emergency. But to be honest, I ordered like 6 of these and had two in my diaper bag, two in my bedroom, and two in my living room. So there was always one around.

 Just make sure to order the right size:

3. Nursing Pads

Once your milk shoots in, chances are you will be leaking. To prevent your clothes and even sheets from getting soaked in breast milk, you should invest in some good nursing pads.

You can either choose the disposable ones or order some reusable nursing pads that you can easily wash out.

4. Nursing Bras

Another breastfeeding essential that you should look out for. Nursing Bras are not only very convenient but super comfortable at the same time. I am still wearing my nursing bras on a daily basis despite the fact that I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago.  

All you have to do is to pull down one side, let your baby latch and drink, pull it up, and done. Nursing Bras are just the perfect companion for every nursing mom.

5. Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow is a very useful allrounder. First of all, it can be very helpful at the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. They provide support for you as well as your baby and prevent you from arching your back or sitting uncomfortably.

However, you can even buy one while you’re still pregnant to help you sleep so much better! Nowadays, I actually use my nursing pillow to help my baby girl sit more securely and stop her from falling backward.

So in order to sit more comfortably and protect your back, you should think about purchasing this breastfeeding essential.

6. Haakaa Breastpump (Alternative)

Once you start breastfeeding, your boobs are going to produce a lot of breastmilk, sometimes more than your baby actually needs. It takes a few weeks for your body and boobs to adjust and find the right amount of milk for your newborn. 

During those weeks, every time you are feeding your baby on one side, your other boob is going to leak breastmilk. This milk is called let-down. I am not talking about a few drops of milk, it can be a lot more than that! In my case around 2 oz / 60 ml. All this precious milk would land in your nursing pads or straight in your bra.

In order to prevent that from happening, you should get this amazing breastfeeding essential. You don’t have to get the original “haakaa”. I ordered a cheaper alternative and it worked just as great. 

All you do is place it on the boob you are currently not feeding on, press the silicone pump, and let it go. It will be stuck to your boob and collect all your let-down. After you’re done with one boob, put it on the other side and just freeze the caught milk to save it for later

7. Breast Pump

This breastfeeding essential is optional again. However, I really enjoyed having a pump to catch some extra milk and freeze it for special occasions. In the beginning, I only had a manual pump. I used it to get some extra breastmilk for my freezer stock and to prevent a plugged milk duct. 

Once my daughter started weaning herself from my breast, I started using an electric pump so I could continue giving her breastmilk. This is by far the better option for moms who are planning to exclusively breastfeed their babies.

8. Breastmilk Bags

So in case you are following my advice and get yourself a haakaa or breast pump, you obviously need some kind of storage for your breastmilk.

 Here’s where those (BPA-free) plastic bags come in handy. Fill your milk inside them (3-4 oz), get out most of the air, close, and freeze them. Whenever you are in need of some extra milk, take one bag out, place it in hot water to warm it up, and fill it inside a bottle. These bags are definitely a must-have breastfeeding essential! (In case you want to save some of your breastmilk)

 You can either use disposable bags or reusable containers.

9. Breastfeeding Friendly Bottles

Another breastfeeding essential you are going to need if you are planning to save some of your breastmilk. You somehow have to get that milk inside your baby’s tummy. 

We never had any trouble using bottles to feed our daughter while still breastfeeding most of the time. However, you should probably wait with using bottles until your baby has a good latch. Otherwise, they may end up with nipple confusion

Whenever you start using the bottle, make sure to chose one that is similar to a nipple. If you notice any difference in your baby’s feeding behavior, wait a bit longer, or try a different bottle. Maybe you can ask your midwife or pediatrician for help.

10. Lactation Tea Or Snacks

That’s a fun and easy one. There are a lot of teas and snacks on the market that promote helping with milk supply. Does it actually work? I don’t know. All I know is that I ate a ton of lactation cookies and drank at least one tea a day and my milk supply was crazy good. 

Even if it doesn’t work for you, lactation snacks not only taste good but will help you with those nighttime cravings. So you should just get yourself some, store them around your house and some in your diaper bag. You never know when you need a snack because breastfeeding makes you HANGRY!

There you have it. These are The 10 Must-Have Breastfeeding Essentials you should have ready at home.

Want to know what else to get during your pregnancy?

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