Christmas is around the corner and shopping for our loved ones might be quite a bit different this year.

With a crazy pandemic, an even crazier presidential campaign, and all other devastating things that happened in 2020, not all of us got into the famous Christmas spirit and are in the mood to go shopping. 

Although it’s very important to support small businesses, especially during this crazy time, we still need to take care of ourselves and make sure everyone stays safe. Plus, a lot of countries are currently in their second lockdown and therefore not able to get gifts at a local store or boutique.

Thanks to our most popular and loved online store, Amazon, we don’t have to! Yay!

Today I will be sharing some of the cutest and most recommended Gifts on Amazon for your entire family.

Amazon Christmas Gift Guide – For The Entire Family

Let’s start with the adults. Either for your parents, grandparents, uncles & aunts, other relatives, or close friends. All these holiday-related gift items would be a perfect fit!

Amazon Gift Guide – For Adults

Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

Something I would love for the colder days, especially during a lockdown, would be a comfy, heated blanked like this one. I can already see myself laying on the couch, reading a good book, drinking my hot chocolate while being comfortably warm under this awesome throw blanket.

Candle – Christmas Scented

Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

Can it get any better than being cuddled up under a warm blanket on the couch? Absolutely, yes! Being cuddled up on the couch while having the sense of Christmas in the air. Get your loved one of these to get them into the perfect Christmas Spirit.

Bakeware Set

Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

Not a fan of candles and fake Christmas smells? How about creating the real sense of Christmas then? Think about the sweet, glazed, and decorated Christmas Cookies or the delicious tasting Christmas Pie your family has every year. Everyone and I mean literally, everyone, would love a new bakeware set. Think about it, it’s the perfect excuse for eating all the goodies that aren’t allowed after the holidays anymore. It’s pretty much two presents in one. ????

Kitchen Stand Mixer

Amazon Gift Guide

So no one is in need of a new bakeware set? Well, how about saving your loved one all the hard work of actually making dough to fill all the baking sheets by gifting them one of these awesome, affordable Kitchen Stand Mixers? Your loved one will have less work, while you get to have more cookies. So it’s basically a gift for yourself. Win-Win, right?

Electric Coffee Grinder

Amazon Gift Guide

Perfect for all the coffee lovers in your life! I mean there is nothing better than an amazing, delicious cup of coffee made of freshly ground coffee beans. All you need to do is fill up that grinder with fresh coffee beans, press a button, and voila! Freshly ground coffee!

Make sure to gift them a bag of coffee beans as well so you try it out right away and enjoy a cup of coffee afterward. 

Coffee Machine

Amazon Gift Guide

Not a fan of grinding and brewing your own coffee? Well, there’s an option for every coffee lover out there.

Who wouldn’t love one of these awesome Nespresso Machines, or even better, an allrounder that can make you an Espresso and Cappuccino!

Amazon Gift Guide

Bartender Kit

Amazon Gift Guide

Got a hobby bartender in the family? How about gifting them this awesome Bartender Kit? Who wouldn’t get excited about trying out a new Cocktail Shaker and all the other exciting tools? Bonus: There’s a Cocktail Card Set included.

Yoga Mat

Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

You probably know at least one person that is planning to start working out in the next year or is already a huge exercise fan and Yogi. Either way, this Yoga and Exercise Mat would be the perfect gift for that one special person on your list!

Massage Mat

Amazon Gift Guide

A Yoga mat for exercise is definitely not the only thing to practice some self-care. How about this awesome Full Body Massage Mat? Who doesn’t love to get a good massage at any given moment? Wouldn’t that be the perfect gift for your significant other, or maybe even yourself? I know I would love to have one of these! 

Foot Massager

Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

A Back Massager doesn’t seem enough, or simply not a fan of it? Check out this Foot Massager, which also works as a Calf and Arm Massager for pain relief and increased blood flow. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t appreciate a good foot massage. Honestly, I’m not sure if I even want to know anyone that feels this way.

Amazon Gift Guide – For Kids 

If you know one thing about me, then that I am very picky about toys for kids. I am not a big fan of loud, battery-operated toys that add no real value to my daughter’s playroom. I would much rather offer her a minimal and very limited amount of high-quality toys than a huge variety of senseless things she won’t play with anyway. So here are a few of the things I would personally gift our daughter for Christmas:

Story Books

Probably the easiest and most educating gift for kids at any age: Books. And what better books to get for Christmas than Christmas Books? But how about switching things up and adding even more value to your kid’s book collection? Choose some books about kindness, different ethnicities, religions, and family constellations. Our children become what we raise them to be. So make sure to raise them to be kind, tolerant and show other people nothing other than love & acceptance. (Except for the creepy, dangerous ones of course.)

Coloring Books

Okay, I am gonna admit it. I am a huge fan of books. I think they add so much value to our kid’s lives and most of the time make so much for sense than another battery toy. Besides storybooks, what about getting some fun coloring books?

Music Toys

Another great way to add value to a playroom is by gifting them instruments. Kids love to be creative and even more to be loud. You can pretty much find instruments for any age on Amazon.

Movement Toys

What every kid also loves is movement. So how about gifting them one of these movement toys that will not only keep them happily occupied, but also help with their development and motor skills. 

Pretended Play Toys

There are so many benefits of pretended play for kids, so you got the best reason to gift them one of these awesome life toys. 

Children learn about themselves and the world. Dramatic play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests, and their abilities. They experiment with role-playing and work to make sense out of what they’ve observed. You can learn more about this here. 

If you’re not a fan of the kitchen, how about this awesome Wooden Project Workbench?

This list could go on and on for all the other age groups. But the mentioned gifts are great for every child of any age. Just choose more age appropriated books, movement, or pretended play toys.

“Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with the people you love. Life is so very precious.”

I hope you’re going to have a Merry Christmas and can enjoy your time with loved ones despite all the bad, negative events this year. Now more than ever it’s important to be grateful for this precious life and take a step back to reflect on what we have, rather than on what we’re missing.

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