Are you looking for the perfect name for your Autumn Baby?

Look no further, Mommy. 

Finding the right name for a baby is hard, we’ve all been there. Our names are central to our identity and self-concept so we as parents should choose wisely.

But how can we find the perfect name when there are so many to choose from? Right?

That’s why I decided to share the most precious boy names with you that are perfect for an autumn Baby. 

Fall is such a special and beautiful season, don’t you agree? Whenever I think about fall, I see all those stunning and colorful leaves that are laying around during our walk through the park. I remember all the cozy nights on the couch, watching a movie while sipping from my cup filled with delicious hot chocolate. 

Having a baby born during the fall season is awesome, so the name we choose should be as well.

Today I am sharing 20 Uncommon & Precious Fall Inspired Boy Names with you!


The name Adam is of Hebrew origin meaning “son of the red earth“.


The name Aki is a name of Japanese origin meaning “born in the autumn”.


The name Archer is of English origin and describes the season “bowman“. 


The name Aster is a name of Greek origin meaning “star”.


The name Birch is of English origin and named after a tree.


The name Bruno is of German origin meaning “brown“.


The name Cedar is of English origin named after the tree. 


The name Chai is of Hebrew origin meaning “alive“. 


The name Dunn is a name of Scottish origin meaning “brown“.


The name Ember is a name of English origin meaning “spark“.


The name Forrest is a name of English origin meaning “dweller near the woods“.


The name Frost is a name of English origin meaning “freezing”.


The name Garner is a name of Latin origin meaning “to harvest grain”.


The name Frost is a name of English origin meaning “ruler“.


The name Hawk is a name of English origin meaning “falcon, bird of prey“.


The name Lugh is a name of Irish origin named after the god of the harvest. 


The name Oak is a name of English origin named after a tree.


The name Raven originates from the English vocabulary word “raven“. 


The name Rory is a name of Irish origin meaning “red king“.


The name Sage is a name of Latin origin meaning “wise and knowing“.


*The spelling, meaning, and origin of the mentioned names were based on my own research. If you decide on one of the boy names, make sure to double-check for a guarantee.*  

Let me know if one of these Fall Inspired Boy Names would be an actual option for you! 

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