Is your Baby turning one but you have no clue how to throw a first birthday party?

Then you are just like me!

Not only was I lost when it came to planning a party for my one-year-old, but I also didn’t even know if hosting a first birthday party is even a thing.

Until I went on Pinterest and as usual, it left me speechless. Looking at all the precious first birthday party themes and seeing all those happy, cake-covered, laughing babies got me so excited.

So in case, you’re still wondering if you should plan a first birthday party: Absolutely YES!

Today I will share all the tips and ideas I found while planning my daughter’s first birthday party with you!

First of all: Congrats Mommy, you survived your Baby’s first year! Now it’s time to celebrate with a sweet, memorable, and fun birthday party!

Of course, you want this celebration to be entertaining and exciting, but keep your baby’s limited attention and energy in mind. We don’t want to overstimulate them with activities and sweets.

Keep It Short & Simple

While it can be very triggering to invite a bunch of people to the party, it may be a good idea to keep the guest list small and manageable for both of you!

Parents, Grandparents, maybe aunts & uncles, and a few baby friends. No need to invite the entire neighborhood and everyone who ever met your little bundle of joy! 

Be Prepared

  • Did you invite some breastfeeding mommy friends? – Offer them a private space to nurse.
  • Will there be any older siblings? – Create a safe & entertaining space for them to play.
  • Are there gonna be a bunch of small, crawling babies? – Make sure you are using age-appropriate decorations and place them where they can’t be eaten. Consider getting Balloons that are made out of foil instead of latex, just in case your party guests do decide to chew on the decoration. 

Choose A Theme

Picking a theme for your party can help you in so many ways. You will know what kind of decoration to get without buying a ton of stuff you won’t be using. Plus, you don’t have to spend much time thinking about how to decide on how to design the invitations, cake, foods, or drinks.

Here are some creative First Birthday Party Theme Ideas:

I decided to include two options for girls, boys, and gender-neutral. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose one of the boy options for girls or the other way around. Do whatever feels perfect for you and your birthday babe! They are also appropriate and adjustable for any age.

First Birthday Party Themes 
– For Girls –

l. Once Upon A Time Princess Party – Katelyn Jones

First Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls - Princess Baby Party

Probably the first theme most moms think of when it comes to a girly birthday party. It’s the theme we chose, that’s why the beautiful created party by Katelyn is number one on my list today. 

Not only did she nailed it when it comes to decoration, but she also offered the most adorable sweets and cake. Her daughter Kennedy looks so precious with the pink dress sitting in front of her princess teepee, my heart can’t even handle it.  

One thing I find extra special about the party: The custom Birthday Chalkboard Sign they had with all of Kennedy’s milestones and favorites on it. Such a need idea.

ll. Magical Unicorn Party – Paige

What screams girl more than a Magical Unicorn Party? And the one Paige created was definitely a hit! She really went all in and has a great eye for detail. 

Noticed the adorable teepee in the picture above? Paige and her husband DIY it as a gift for their daughter. How sweet is that? They got the idea and step-by-step guide from Fawn Over Baby. Besides the super cute teepee, they also DIY some mini glitter party hats for all their guests. 

Can’t forget to mention the colorful, magical unicorn cake her friend made for the party. Ahh, everything is just too cute to handle! 

I just adore the way her Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party turned out.

First Birthday Party Themes 
– For Boys –

l. Sports Themed Party – Darling Darleen

First Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Boys - Sport Baby Party

I feel like every Dad is dreaming of having a son he can teach to play baseball or any other sport. This sport-themed birthday party is a dream come true! 

Darleen did an amazing job and I absolutely adore her beautiful created party. If I am ever lucky enough to have a son, this will definitely be my number one choice!

The food she offered is all the decoration this sport-themed party needs. There are football brownies, soccer food pics for those tiny deserts, and ball sports cupcakes. Plus the sweetest banner, number one fingers and she even thought of printable for the water bottles. 

ll. Superhero Party – Jessica Lighter

While most girls want to be a princess, boys are dreaming of being a superhero. Why not turn that dream into reality for their birthday? 

This awesome Superhero Birthday Party was created by Jessica and I think she did such an outstanding job with planning and decorating. 

I love how colorful and creative she designed her backyard party as well as the photo background. While the cake and the overall sweets are definitely a hit, the best part in my opinion is the jumping house and trampoline they had for the kids to play on. How fun is that? Plus they had a piñata in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Although the party was planned for her 4-year-old son, you can absolutely adjust it for your one-year-old by leaving out a few things and adding age-appropriate toys instead. 

First Birthday Party Themes
– Gender Neutral –

l. Peachy Party – Erika Altes

First Party Theme Ideas Gender Neutral - Donut Baby Party

One of my favorite Birthday Party Themes on this list and definitely one we will do for our daughter’s next birthday. I just love the neutral colors and the peachy theme. Everything goes so well together and it really creates a calming, but cheery atmosphere. 

Erika crafted the most adorable wooden board with pictures of the first twelve months of her daughter Charlotte. They offered a bunch of treats like cupcakes, peach-formed cookies, and macaroons. Who wouldn’t want to dive in? I know I would! The menu of „real food“ featured a snack plate with bread, dips, cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

Although Erika had some help and the party turned out a little fancier than most birthday parties for a one-year-old, you can easily adjust certain parts of it and turn it into a more affordable, at-home version. 

ll. Donut Grow Up – Julie Christine

I love Christine’s vision of her – Donut Grow Up – Party Theme: „Plenty Of Color & Lot’s Of Sugar“

And let me tell you, she did an amazing job. All parents have the same wish: We never want our little ones to grow up. So using the “Donut“ as a pun for that wish is just genius. Plus it’s adorable and so easy to decorate for. 

Her donut-shaped cake, custom-made donut cookies, and decorated apple slices are perfect for the whole theme and definitely go well with her vision of color and sugar. What I love most of all the amazing ideas is her custom-made stickers for the little to-go bags she offered her guests. And of course, the sweet donut cards that served as a guestbook and will be put into her boy’s scrapbook. How cute is that? 

I really hope you enjoyed the themes I included and were able to find some helpful tips on the way. Let me know if you decide to go with any of the mentioned First Birthday Party Themes.

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