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My husband, daughter and I have been traveling full-time since November 2020. We spent 8 weeks in Athens and one thing that really caught my attention, besides the stunning city, its old history, and the amazing people, were all the uncommon, but super beautiful names.

Greek names are full of history, culture, and meaning from a place that is known for its beauty, architecture, food, and traditions. So of course I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to look for the most beautiful, uncommon, and historic Greek Boy Names.

In case you are thinking about giving your baby boy a greek name, keep reading…

Today I am sharing 20 Unique & Historic Greek Boy Names with you!


The name Adonis means “handsome, lord”.

In Greek mythology, Adonis was a handsome young shepherd killed while hunting a wild boar. The anemone flower is said to have sprung from his blood. Because he was loved by Aphrodite, Zeus allowed him to be restored to life for part of each year.


The name Aiolos means “changeable”.

In Greek mythology, Aiolos was the god of the winds.


The name Apollo means “destroyer”.

In Greek mythology, Apollo was the God of music, arts, prophesy, knowledge and enlightenment. He was the son of Leto and Zeus.


The name Ares means “ruin”.

In Greek mythology, Ares was the blood-thirsty god of war and son to Zeus and Hera. Maybe not the most lovely name meaning, but definitely still unique & masculine.


The name Argus means “shining”.

Argus was the man who built the Argo.


The name Arie means “superior”.

Arie is more of a short version of various names. Famous Bearers: ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.


The name Atlas means “bearer of the heavens”.

Atlas was a mythical Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, so the name bears connotations of great strength.


The name Castor means “beaver”.

In classical myth, along with Pollux, one of the heavenly twins immortalized in the constellation Gemini. They were considered the patron gods of seafarers, appearing to them in Saint Elmo’s fire.


The name Dorian means “gift”.

The name Dorian is of Dorus, a legendary Greek hero. Doros was the son of Helen of Sparta (who was the daughter of Zeus and Leda).


The name Eros means “love and desire”.

In Greek mythology, he was a young god, the son of Aphrodite, who was armed with arrows that caused the victim to fall in love.

Today I am sharing 20 Unique & Beautiful Greek Boy Names with you!


The name Evander means “good man”.

In the ancient myth, Evander was an Arcadian hero of the Trojan War. He founded the city of Palladium.


The name Glaucus means “bluish-gray”.

In Greek legends, Glaucus was the greek god of the sea.


The name Jeno means “well-born or noble”.

Ophelia is most widely known as the female love interest in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet


The name Koios is a questioning word meaning “of what kind”.

This was the name of a Titan god of intelligence in Greek mythology.


The name Okeanos means “a body of water”.

Okeanos was the Titan, who personified the body of water in Greek mythology.


The name Orion means “rising in the sky”.

In Greek mythological Orion was the legendary hunter who pursued the seven daughters of Atlas, was slain by the goddess Artemis, and then placed as one of the brightest constellations in the night sky by Zeus.


The name Pluto means “wealth”.

This was an alternate name of Hades, the god of the underworld. 


The name Rhodes means “where roses grow”.


The name Vernados means “courage of the bear”.


The name Zale means “power of the sea”.

*The spelling, meaning, and origin of the mentioned names were based on my own research. If you decide to choose one of the boy names, make sure to double-check for guarantee.* 

Let me know if one of these Greek Boy Names would be an actual option for you!

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Unique Greek Boy Names With Origin and Meaning
Unique Greek Boy Names With Origin and Meaning