Are you an expecting first-time mom and overwhelmed by the amount of baby stuff and clothes out there?

Keep Reading To Find A Way Out Of This Chaos!

You being here, reading this post, tells me that you are probably asking yourself the same questions as I did.

  • What does a newborn need?
  • How much does a newborn need?
  • Should I even be getting clothes before the baby arrives or wait until after the birth?

So many questions, so many different answers, and again, a confused first-time mom.

There are so many different guides for baby clothes out there, but the more of them you read, the more you actually “have” to get.

When I started thinking about the whole baby clothing situation, I decided to rather keep it minimalistic than buying tons of baby clothes and spending way too much money on stuff we probably won’t even be using.

So today I will share my Baby-Clothing-Shopping-List with you. Also, make sure to read until the end to find a few helpful tips on how to dress your newborn baby.

1. One-Piece Outfits (5 to 7)

Some of the One-Pieces I’ve got are pretty much jammies and day-outfits combined. Since newborns nap a lot during the day, they are super convenient.

I got seven different One-Piece Outfits for the beginning. If I can’t do the laundry, either because I’m busy or just too lazy, I still have enough on hand whenever I have to change the baby.

2. Shirts or Dresses (4 to 5)

For any special occasion or when I am feeling like it, I have some cute little shirts to put on my baby.

Make sure to get shirts that have plenty of room in the neck, so they slip easily over your baby’s head. The shirts and dresses should have long sleeves in case your baby is born in fall or winter.

3. Leggings or Pants (4 to 5)

Whenever my baby will wear a shirt or a dress, I have some leggings or pants going with it. Always look for a stretchy waistband that can easily fit over your baby’s diaper and belly. Most of the pants even expand as the baby gains weight.

If your baby is wearing a shirt and pants instead of a one-piece, you are always able to change a piece of dirty clothing without assembling a whole new outfit. Most of the time it’s easier to quickly change a diaper with pants on instead of a one-piece.

4. Sleepers (4 to 5)

Especially during the more chilly months, your baby should be wearing a pajama at night.

No matter how cute most of them look, always go for convenience overlooks. Avoid sleepers that have either complicated snaps, a lot of buttons or just require lots of effort to get on or off.

Sometimes you have to change diapers in the middle of the night. Both, you and your baby, are going to be tired and just want to get it over with. The sleepers I got have zippers instead of buttons. Once the baby needs a fresh diaper, I can just unzip the sleeper, switch out the diaper, and close it.

5. Jackets and Snowsuits (1 to 2)

This one really depends on the season your baby is born in. My calculated birth date is the 31st of August, so I probably won’t need a winter jacket or snowsuit right in the beginning.

However, I still have two different sweater jackets that match any outfit my baby may wear. So whenever we go outside and it’s getting a bit chilly, I always have a little jacket in my diaper bag.

If you are having a winter baby, you may want to get a warm suit to keep them warm on outings.

6. Socks, Mittens and Hats

Again, all of these depend on the season. For my August/September Baby, I decided to get a good amount of thin socks, so I always have a backup in my baby’s dresser.

I also decided to get a couple of mittens, so the baby can’t scratch their face during the night.

The hats I got are broad-brimmed for the sunny summer days in the park. Mostly to protect the baby’s head and skin from the sun. We also got some soft baby hats for the more chilly September days. Your winter baby should have some warm hats that cover the ears ready after arrival.

7. Shoes (1 to 2)

Shoes are a different story. You probably won’t need any in the first few weeks. However, I will buy some cute baby shoes once the gender of our baby is confirmed. They won’t be needed, but surely look super cute combined with an adorable outfit!

If you are going to have a winter baby, you should probably get some warm baby winter shoes for whenever you go outside.

8. Sleeping Bag / Swaddle Blankets

If you are having a winter baby, you should be looking into Sleeping Bags. These sacks zip over your baby’s sleepwear to keep them warm at night. Since you are not supposed to use traditional blankets, because of the high risk of SIDS, those come in handy. It depends on the season if you are going to need them or not, but it’s convenient to have one in your dresser in case you do.

For all the spring and summer babies I would recommend getting a few swaddle blankets. They not only keep the baby warm but also comfortable. A swaddle blanket is supposed to give a newborn the feeling of still being in the womb since they are usually swaddled pretty tightly.

Tips For Dressing Your Newborn

  • First of all, avoid clothes that wrap around the baby’s neck too tightly. Also, any kind of cords or ties should be avoided. Check the buttons, ribbons, and decorative items to make sure they can’t get off and become a choking hazard.
  • When it comes to dressing your newborn, make sure the clothes fit your baby and not the other way around. Always open all the snaps and stretch the necks wide so your baby’s head can get through easily. Reach through the sleeves and legs to help those wiggly hands and feet.
  • Most of the time, it’s easier to dress your baby on the changing table or floor. Try to entertain your baby by cooing and talking as you put on each piece.

I hope my short Baby Clothing Guide gave you a good overview. Just try to not overbuy baby clothes for the first few weeks or months. You don’t know how tall your baby is going to be after birth and how fast they are growing after that. A few cute outfits should fulfill the purpose and you can still buy more baby clothes with time.

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