So you finally gave birth but have no idea how to entertain your Newborn?

Keep reading and find out how you can actually play with your Newborn!

Finding fun and easy newborn activities can be pretty hard for new moms. You don’t really know what your newborn can and cannot do yet and therefore don’t know how to properly entertain your baby. We obviously don’t want them to be overstimulated or stressed out.

That’s why I did some research and found some great newborn activities for you! Make sure to save this post on Pinterest to go back to it whenever you need some more creative ideas for newborn activities.

Always make sure that the activities you do with your Newborn are appropriate for their Development Stage. 

Today, I will share 14 Easy & Fun Newborn Activities For Your 0-3 Month Old with you!

1. Tummy Time

This one is probably one of the easiest newborn activities. During tummy time, your newborn will spend time on his stomach while awake and most importantly, supervised. Your baby will be encouraged to lift his head which will help strengthen the head, neck, and shoulder muscles.

2. Play Mat / Activity Center

A great way to make your newborn enjoy tummy time more is to place them on a play mat or underneath an activity center. Not every baby loves tummy time right from the beginning, so one of these options would definitely help with that. 

Of course, you can also use any kind of baby toy and hold or shake it in front of your baby’s face while they are laying on their tummy. Depending on their age, you can let them hold or just touch the toy. This way they get a feeling for different materials and surfaces. 

3. Baby Massage

Don’t we all love a good massage? Guess what, your newborn does as well. So go ahead and gently rub or massage every part of your baby’s body. Toes and fingertips included. During a massage, they will get a sense of their body and all attached limbs.

I usually give my daughter a quick massage with some baby oil after her last diaper change of the day.

4. Play With Body Parts

While you are giving your baby a massage, you can play with different body parts and say their names out loud. This will help them understand their body even more. My daughter has always loved the song „Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes..“. We do it every day and she truly enjoys it so much. 

5. Talk, Read & Sing

Besides “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes“, there are many other great baby songs out there. Just choose some from your childhood or learn a few new ones. Or simply get a few baby books that you can read to your newborn.

Hearing you talk, read, and sing will improve your newborn’s understanding of language and rhythm. Listening to you and learning a high variety of words is also supposed to help with better language skills in older stages. 

6. Imitate Your Newborn

Let your baby sit in your lab and watch out for any facial expressions. Once that happens, just imitate your newborn. The same goes for baby talk. If your newborn is babbling or making different noises, imitate those as well.

Imitation provides children with the opportunity to practice new skills. It also serves as a basis for the development of empathy, or to experience what another person is feeling. Plus, it’s really cute and you may make your baby smile. Which is pretty much the best thing out of all reasons.

7. Use A Mirror

Instead of imitating your newborn yourself, you can place them in front of a mirror. Babies love looking at human faces, even their own. You can go ahead and touch their nose, stroke the hair, and gently stroke the ears. Make sure to name each part as you go. Or just let them discover themselves and get a sense of their own body. Looking into a mirror will help them focus and track images.

8. Let Them Kick

This is by far one of my favorite newborn activities. Just let your newborn lay on the ground, preferably in front of a wall, and place some baking paper right in front of their feet. Once they start kicking, they will notice the touch as well as the crackling sound of the paper.

9. Use A Balloon

Instead of parchment paper, you can tie a helium-filled balloon to one of your newborn’s feet.

10. Blow Some Bubbles

Well, do I need to explain this activity? We all remember one of the best parts of our childhood: Blowing Bubbles in your backyard during summer. At least it’s one of my favorite memories.

Although your newborn doesn’t know what bubbles are and certainly can’t do it on their own, it’s still fun to watch them discover and watch all those bubbles. We started very early on and my daughter has now come to an age where she chases the bubbles around to catch them.

11. Help Them Stand And Jump

Provide your newborn support by holding them around their chest. Place their feet on your lap and gently bounce them up and down. You can also turn on some music in the background and sing to your newborn. Just have fun during your little dance party and enjoy this quality one-on-one time. 

12. Go On A Walk

A walk outside has many benefits not only for your newborn but for you as well. First of all,  a daily walk around the neighborhood is a great and healthy exercise for mommies.

For your newborn, a walk outside will give them a chance to explore and learn more about their surroundings. They will see new, vibrant colors, hear the sound of chirping birds, cars, and other people and smell the scent of nature.

13. Take A Bath

Your baby will probably enjoy this most out of all the mentioned newborn activities. Or not at all. Haha. Every baby is different and therefore every baby reacts differently to a cozy, warm bath. Some love it, some hate it.

Either way, you should try getting your newborn used to taking baths once their umbilical cord is fully healed.

Taking a bath is not only very entertaining and super sweet, but also important for your newborn’s hygiene. The decision of how often you bathe your baby is up to you. A bath 2-3 times a week is more than enough to keep your newborn clean. Our daughter really loved taking a bath so we gave her one every other day. However, bathing your baby more than once a day is not recommended and will actually dry out your baby’s skin.

Aside from how often you decide to give your newborn a bath, make sure to moisturize their skin after every bath. You can either use baby oil or, like we prefer to do it, some organic coconut oil.

14. Play With Water

While your newborn is having a bath, you can gently play with your baby’s legs and arms in the water. Or just let your baby kick and wriggle in the bathtub. We also liked to fill a baking sheet with water and place it in front of our daughter during tummy time. I just put some toys in there for her to grab and play with.

15. Hang Out

One of the easiest newborn activities is probably just hanging out with your baby. Either while sitting on the couch with your newborn on the lap, or on the ground with both of you laying on the back. Most babies feel happy just being close to you in the first few months and don’t need to be entertained 24/7. Just enjoy this stage, because one day, you will be chasing and entertaining your crawling/walking baby all day long. 

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