So you just found out about your pregnancy? Congrats Mama!

Now it’s time to tell everyone you want to know! Don’t know how? Keep reading!

Seeing that second line is such an exciting and breathtaking moment, filled with all kinds of emotions. And whatever emotion you feel: it’s okay! It’s okay to be happy, sad, excited, scared, calm, or angry. Your whole life is about to change, so you have every right to feel any of these, or feel all of them at the same time.

But once you get over the initial shock and are ready to tell your loved ones, you better do it in a way you and everyone else will remember. Can’t think of a creative way to announce your little wonder? No Problem, I found some amazingly talented, and overly creative soon-to-be moms & dads that can help you out.

Unique Pregnancy Announcements For Your Husband, Family & Friends.

Pregnancy Announcements
– Partner –

Capture The Moment

This is one of my favorite announcement ideas ever. Ask your partner to do a couple-photoshoot & then surprise them with your Pregnancy Announcement written on a board like this. So cute, personal & special.

Surprise Box

Unique Pregnancy Announcements

Another really sweet & fun way to surprise your significant other is to create one of these awesome “Pregnancy Announcement-Boxes”. I even found the matching onesie to fill it with.


Unique Pregnancy Announcements

Donut Box

What gets sweeter than a box full of sweet and delicious donuts. Which dad wouldn’t love an announcement like this?

Announcement Pizza

So your husband is one of the few people who doesn’t enjoy a box of sweet donuts? No probs, how about a savory, mouth-watering Pizza then?

Pregnancy Test

Unique Pregnancy Announcements

No time or simply too excited to wait? How about just snuggling back into bed and showing them the test? That’s what I did, only that I threw my test at my husband who was standing in the shower. Lol. 

In case you do have some extra time on hand but still want to surprise your husband in bed, how about this adorable coffee mug? Wait to show them the test until they drank their coffee & read the message. 

Coffee Mug Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcements
– Family –

Personalized Onesie 

Grandparents Pregnancy Announcements

Perfect for Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles. Especially now, shortly before Christmas. Wrap it in some Christmas Paper and put it under the Christmas Tree. But also great for any other day of the year. 

Framed Ultrasound

Another super sweet way of announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones. And another great gift for the holidays. 

Announcement Puzzle

Pregnancy Announcements Puzzle

I absolutely adore this Puzzle. Not only will they have to put it together first, but also solve the riddle on it. Okay, it’s pretty obvious but still fun and very unique.

Announcement Spoon

How about inviting your family members for a nice dinner and serving food with these super cool spoons? 

Wine Bottle Labels

Pregnancy Announcement

Are the spoons too obvious or you’re not in the mood to host a dinner? Get these Labels and bring a wine bottle to the next invitation. Perfect for the entire family and close friends.

Pregnancy Announcements
– Friends & Social Media –

Pizza Announcement II

Unique Pregnancy Announcement

Since the last Pizza Announcement was too cool and I really do love Pizza, I just had to include this one for a virtual Pregnancy Announcement to friends and social media followers.

Onesie Announcement II

Onesies are such a great way to announce a pregnancy. Not only for future dads and grandparents but also for friends. 

Balloon Announcement

Everyone loves balloons, but they are not only great for baby showers and gender reveals. Why not use them to announce your actual pregnancy?

Onesie & Smores

Another Onesie Announcement, but how unique is the Smores connection? I loved it so much, I just had to put it on here as well.

Pet Announcement

The chances are high that there is at least one Pet-Lover on here reading my Post! This Announcement is for you! I mean, this is even worth getting a Pet in the first place! 

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