Pregnancy Essentials Every Mom Needs

So you just found out about your pregnancy? Congrats Mama!

Now, like me and many other moms, you are probably asking yourself what to get for your pregnancy, right? Don’t you worry, because today I am going to share the 8 Must-Have Pregnancy Essentials every mom should have at hand for their pregnancy.

You can use all of the mentioned products right from the beginning, but they will actually help you get through all three trimesters of your pregnancy. So even if you’re far beyond your first few weeks, you can still benefit from getting these Pregnancy Essentials.

Let’s get started with your Ultimate Pregnancy Essential Guide.

Today I am sharing 8 Must-Have Pregnancy Essentials to get after you find out about your pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy App

A pregnancy app is such a fun way to learn more about your baby’s development and what to expect during every week of your pregnancy. I remember being obsessed with my pregnancy app. There are so many helpful and fun tips in it and I loved reading all of them.

You can download the App I used for free in the AppStore or GooglePlay Store. 

2. Pregnancy Vitamins

Pregnancy or Prenatal Vitamins are a must-have pregnancy essential for every pregnant mom.

Even if you have the most healthy diet, there can always be some nutritional gaps you are not aware of. Prenatal vitamins contain many vitamins and minerals like Folic Acid, Calcium, Iodine, and Iron.

You can learn more about the importance of prenatal vitamins here.

Please ask your doctor which vitamins to take in which stage of your pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy Journal

This Pregnancy Essential belongs on top of the list. You should get a pregnancy journal right in the beginning. It’s the perfect and most adorable way to document everything you experience during your pregnancy. Having those memories written down will be such a precious keepsake in the future and you will cherish it forever.

4. Pregnancy Books

Since you’re reading this post, it will most likely be your first pregnancy. Thinking back, I remember having no clue about what to do or expect. And if you’re just a little bit like me, you’re going to be obsessed with reading everything about being pregnant and your growing baby.

So why not get a good, educational pregnancy book to learn more about the different stages of your pregnancy, labor, birth, and the first months of having a newborn.

5. Pregnancy Nausea Relief

Chances are high that you are already struggling with Morning Sickness and are desperately in need of some working remedies. If that is the case, I wrote an entire post about “How to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy“. So make sure to check that one out.

I used to drink ginger tea and eat candied ginger all the time. While it did help with nausea, I think only a combination of the 5 Ways mentioned in my post will actually help deal with the morning sickness.

6. Pregnancy Belly Oil / Lotion

One thing I advise all my pregnant friends to start right from the beginning is to use belly oil or lotion. I used mine in the first and second trimester and never got a single stretch mark. Once I stopped using it (out of laziness), and my belly started growing, even more, I got a bunch of stretch marks.

I mean, there is obviously no guarantee that you won’t get them if you use belly oil, but it for sure helps to keep them to a minimum. It will also hydrate your skin and help with dryness and itching.

And even if you end up getting stretch marks, don’t feel bad about them, embrace them!

7. Pregnancy Pillow

Even if you’re not showing yet and feel like a Pregnancy Pillow won’t be necessary, you should trust me and still get one. It’s literally one of the best Pregnancy Essentials on this list. Believe me when I say: It’s going to change your pregnancy life.

8. Pregnancy Clothing

Comfortable clothing is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to pregnancy essentials. You may not need them right in the beginning, but once your belly starts growing, your old clothes will stop fitting you.

The best part, you can wear your pregnancy clothing even after giving birth. Since your belly won’t shrink down right away and you will probably be carrying around a bit more weight, the new clothing won’t go to waste. Plus, you can always keep them for your next baby or give them away to your pregnant friends.


  • Comfortable Leggings

  • Loose Shirts

  • High-Waist Panties

  • Nursing Bras

I hope you found my list of 8 Must-Have Pregnancy Essentials useful and all of these products will help with a comfortable and happy pregnancy journey.

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Pregnancy Essentials Must-Have Pregnancy Products
Pregnancy Essentials Must-Have Pregnancy Products