Are you stressed out, feel like you have no time for yourself, and are about to lose your mind?

Well, sounds like it’s time for some Self-Care!

You have probably heard that word quite a lot lately. Now you came here to find out what the buzz is all about. Good for you. 

Today I will be sharing the Ultimate Self-Care Guide with you! 

If you have no time or are simply not in the mood to read the entire post: Feel free to download a short, free version of this Self-Care Guide. It will also include a 7-Day Self-Care Challenge & a printable Self-Care Planner Template for you!

1. What Is Self-Care?

To put it in the most simple way: Self-Care refers to the act of doing things that help you take care of your mind, body & soul.

You should be showing yourself the same attention and kindness you show other people in your life. Like your partner, children, friends, or family members. Most importantly, you must be able to recognize when you’re in need of some Self-Care. Even way before you feel stressed or burned out.

2. Who Is In Need Of Self-Care?

There is only one answer to this question: Everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a business owner. If you’re moving to a new place or staying at a place you don’t like. If you’re stressed, tired, or emotionally unstable.

You get the point. Every human being is in need of some daily self-care. So we all should make time to care for ourselves. Just doing the most simple and small things for ourselves will not only improve our mood but also our social interaction, productivity, and entire mindset. 

3. Why Are We Forgetting About Self-Care?

In today’s society, we are all driven to work hard and be the best. Even moms who stay at home with their kids are under a lot of pressure. I mean we are not “only“ moms. We are wives, organizers, and life managers that also keep our living space clean and feed other human beings. We are pretty much rockstars. 

So having all these million tasks on our daily to-do list, taking care of ourselves seems to be the last thing anyone thinks about. And what’s even worse, it’s the first thing we will move to the button of our list when we are short in time.

Although we know that taking care of our body by exercising, eating healthy, or drinking enough water is so important, we forget all about that. We also forget about our mental health by taking a break from whatever is going on to just relax. But why do we tend to forget about our needs?

Simply because we are stressed out about deadlines either our employer sets for us or the ones we set for ourselves. And let’s be honest, most of us are simply just too impatient to take the time for these kinds of things. We want to reach our goals fast, that’s what we were taught our entire life. So doing something time-sensitive every day for a long period of time makes us lose interest in even trying it!

4. What Are The Reasons For Self-Care?

Simple acts of Self-Care will help us take care of our mind, body, and soul when we are desperately in need of it.

Self-Care will not only help you form a better mind-body-soul connection, but it will also allow you to live a much better life!

Here are some of the main Benefits Of Self-Care:

  • Improves Your Work-Life balance

Overworking and all the stress and pressure that comes with it will make us less productive, more disorganized, and emotionally drained. So incorporating some self-care will help you cope with these issues to not only get better at work but also in your daily life.

  • Enhances Self-Esteem

If you finally stop with all that negative self-talk and start doing things that are good for you and showing yourself some kindness and appreciation, you will send a more positive vibe to your subconscious. Treat yourself like you matter and you will automatically feel that way.

  • Improves Your Physical Health

Exercising, filling your body with nutrient-rich foods, and drinking enough water will not only improve your physical appearance but also lower the chances of suffering any sickness (like a cold, flu, or an upset stomach). A better immune system combined with less stress will definitely help you feel more energized and much stronger from inside and out. 

  • Helps With Stress Management 

We tend to only see the negative parts of stress, but it actually helps with our drive and motivation to get things done. So while a little stress is not entirely bad for you, too much of it on a regular basis will affect your overall well-being in a negative way and will eventually lead to bad mental health. Taking some time for yourself to calm down and get some mental clarity will tremendously help to cope with stress at work and in life. 

  • Improves Productivity 

Once you learn to say NO to unnecessary tasks or commitments you’re not willing to make and finally start making time for things you actually enjoy and that matter to you, your life will slow down in a peaceful and satisfying way.

5. How To Practice Self-Care

As mentioned earlier in this post, there are three areas to practice self-care:

Mind, Body & Soul.

  • Body Or Physical Self-Care

It basically means taking care of your physical body in any beneficial way. Thank your body for being strong and enabling you to walk through your meaningful life.

So sit down and think about how you have been treating your body lately:

  • Have you fed your body with all the nutrients it needs?
  • Did you move or exercise to maintain or build strength and condition?
  • When was the last time you stretched your body or got a massage to get rid of tensions?

We tend to abuse our bodies with low to n1o movement and unhealthy foods. But since the body doesn’t stop working hard and is still experiencing stress and pressure during that time, it will most likely shut down at some point.

To avoid a breakdown like that, you should start practicing self-care early on.

Here are some ways to take care of your body

Self-Care Guide Body Ways to practice self-care

  • Mind Or Mental Self-Care

The goal of practicing emotional self-care is to acknowledge your feelings, the good and the bad, and then taking care of them in the most positive way.

Whenever you ignore or suppress your emotions they will most likely come back stronger than ever. I am sure we have all been there. If you don’t take care of your feelings in a healthy manner, you will be experiencing a lot of stress and pressure which will then lead to burnout or diseases.

In order to deal with your emotions, you have to understand and find the cause of them.

  • Did something happen in your past that you haven’t accepted yet or forgave yourself for?
  • Have you experienced a breakup or setback in your career?
  • Are you simply stressed out by your never-ending To-Do List and endless responsibilities?

Once you figured out what is causing all that stress and discomfort, try to find a solution for it. Either try to let go of your past, distract yourself from heartbreak, or forget about unnecessary tasks on your list.

Here are some ways to help with mental clarity and calmness

Self-Care Guide Body Ways to practice self-care

  • Soul Or Spiritual Self-Care

Not everyone has the same believes in life. We have different religions and spiritual guidance systems. So self-care on a spiritual level can be different for everyone.

So do whatever feels good to you and your own belief. 

Pray to your God(s), ask the universe for abundance, meditate to connect with your spiritual team, or ask your inner being for clearance during a peaceful walk in nature. 

In my case, I meditate and journal to connect with my inner being and I do strongly believe in the power of the universe and practice the law of attraction. It has brought many beautiful things into my life and has been a complete game-changer for me.

We all have our place and role to play on this beautiful planet. To find out what that means to you and what brings joy and abundance into your life.

Here are some ways to practice spiritual self-care to connect with your soul

Self-Care Guide Body Ways to practice self-care

Not every single one of the mentioned Self-Care tips will appeal to everyone. We are all different in so many ways, and that’s great! Just spend some time thinking about the area in your life you struggle with the most and therefore deserve some more attention.

Even if your schedule is super full and you’re constantly busy, try to incorporate at least one or two simple things that you do for you1rself.

Check out my Free Self-Care Guide and the included 7-Day Self-Care Planner. There is one version already filled with simple activities to kickstart your journey. Plus a weekly template for you to print out and add your own, favorite self-care activities.

I hope I was able to help you & please let me know if my Guide inspired you to practice more Self-Care in your daily life!

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