Did you gain quite a bit of weight during Pregnancy & are now trying to lose it?

Congratulations, you finally found the solution to all your weight problems.

STOP what you are doing right now! You should stop following any crazy diet, that’s only going to end up in a yo-yo effect anyway and leaves you behind even more frustrated and desperate. And STOP working out like a maniac trying to shed some body fat. Moving your body is important and absolutely necessary, but only for your health, not for your weight loss. If you are taking any kind of diet pill, STOP doing that as well!

Stop with all the weight loss nonsense. 

In this post, I won’t try to talk you into a crazy, unhealthy diet. And will for sure not try to sell you a diet pill, a workout program, or one-on-one coaching. No. I will tell you the exact way that will put an end to your struggles. And the best part? It will be free, painless and so effortless that you will end up wondering why you haven’t heard of this before.

Well, technically, it’s not entirely free. It will cost you around 8-15 $/€, or in case you have a library or second-hand bookstore close to you, it may cost you less. Spending this „small“ amount of money will save you gym memberships, costs for workout programs, or whatever stuff people are trying to sell to you. And most importantly, it will save you a lot of frustration, disappointment, and sadness.

Today I will share my >55 lbs Weight Loss Story with you and exactly how I was able to lose all that weight without starving myself or exercising like crazy. 

A quick disclaimer & advice:

I am not a nutritionist or a professional. All the information I am going to share with you is based on my research. Links for backup information will be included at the end. If you are suffering from an eating disorder and are strongly underweight, this post might be triggering. In case you are reading this for a healthier life and eventual weight gain, keep reading.

 I’m not going to start all that talking about how beautiful you already are, no matter what you weigh. Honestly, you should know that by now. You are beautiful no matter what number you see on your scale or what size of jeans you put on. If you don’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself after losing weight either. Body positivity should start long before weight loss.

My (Postpartum) Weight Loss Story

1. Pre Pregnancy

I don’t know about you, but I was that girl always trying to lose a few pounds. Not that I was ever overweight, just a very average girl I think. I had some stubborn belly fat, flappy arms, and occasional rubbing thighs. Nothing crazy, but never entirely comfortable in my body.

Weight Loss Transformation - Postpartum Weight Loss - Starch Solution

So I tried many different „quick“-diets. Not gonna name any of these, since I don’t want this post to be triggering, and none of them are even worth mentioning/promoting.

I lost a bit of weight here and there, gained some, and lost it again. It was always a back and forth, especially during the winter season. (Hello, Halloween Candy and Christmas Goodies)

Then, I became pregnant. 

2. Pregnancy

Jackpot. I’m pregnant, no more dieting, no more thinking about weight loss. Just enjoying this stage of life and eating whatever I want… Sounds familiar?

I didn’t suffer from severe morning sickness, I mean I had some, but never throw up or anything super unordinary. In fact, I was still able to eat and keep my stuff down. So my weight gain started right in the beginning.

Nothing crazy, just a few pounds here and there. Then, all of a sudden, my belly showed up and everyone started noticing. Still cute, and totally normal.

Postpartum Weight Loss

Then I put more weight on, and more, and even more. I wasn’t eating super unhealthy or a huge amount of food and it wasn’t water weight either.

Sadly, one of my very close family members ended up in a coma and had to stay at the hospital for a long time. That really put a lot of stress and pressure on me and since I already gained quite a bit of weight by that time, I just totally binged and just started emotional eating all day long.

Weight Loss Transformation - Postpartum Weight Loss - Starch Solution

By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained a total of 57 lbs (26 kg). I knew my daughter would be pretty big, so I thought a lot of that weight would just come off, but it didn’t. At least not as much as I was hoping for.

Weight Loss Transformation - Postpartum Weight Loss - Starch Solution

3. Postpartum

As expected, my daughter was very heavy. She was born with 10 lbs 7 oz (4.750 g). So after giving birth to her, my placenta, and losing some blood and water, I was down around 26 lbs (12 kg). Which is great, but there was still an extra 31 lbs (14 kg) to lose.

Weight Loss Transformation - Postpartum Weight Loss - Starch Solution

Everyone told me to just breastfeed my daughter and wait. My weight loss would start on its own.

So I did. Sadly, my daughter weaned herself off at the beginning of November and I started pumping until that didn’t end up working for me. At the beginning of December, I started feeding her formula only. I did weigh myself at the beginning of November and had lost another 11 lbs (5 kg). By the end of December, I was still at the same weight. It stopped going down and left me depressed and desperate to lose the rest of the extra fat I put on.

Weight Loss Transformation - Postpartum Weight Loss - Starch Solution

4. Weight Loss Journey 

So I started my weight loss journey at the beginning of January. Probably like a lot of other people. New year, new me. Right?  

 I put on a little bit of weight during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so by the time I started, I wanted to lose 22 lbs (10 kg) to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Weight Loss Journey - Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

January 1st, 2020 vs. July 1st, 2020

I still don’t look the way I did before my pregnancy since I lost a lot of muscles during pregnancy and gained some fat instead. So now I am working towards another 13 lbs (6 kg) Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Journey - Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

You are probably wondering: When is she finally telling us how she did it? 

I will. So read this closely, take some notes, because this will change your life forever:

Weight Loss Journey - Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Following this way of eating will not only make you lose a ton of weight, but it is also sustainable for the rest of your life. You will never feel hungry, you never have to fast during the day, count calories, points, measure out portions, or feel the urge to binge on „unhealthy“ foods again. This way of eating helped me to lose all the weight I have gained, stoped my binge eating and food shaming, cleaned up my skin, fixed my digestive system, and healed my hormonal imbalance.

Sounds too good to be true? I know, I felt the exact same and just couldn’t believe it. But I promise you, it works! It works fast, effectively, and effortlessly.


There it is. I spilled the tea. Those three words are the most life-changing words you will ever hear. And that’s where those 8-15 $/€ are going to be spent. A book.

Starch Solution

This is not about selling something, it’s about sharing my journey and inspiring other moms, women, or men to finally break free from all those non-sense diets and endless hours at the gym without seeing any results. I want to help you live a better life and finally regain your health.

So I hope you will continue reading, not for me, but FOR YOU!

If investing this money is just not an option for you, no problem. At the end of this post, I will link a bunch of free resources and YouTube Channels that you guys can check out. Every single one of these pages will talk more about Weight Loss and The Starch Solution, how they finally lost weight, and more importantly, maintaining it for the rest of their lives. But for now, I will try to „shortly“ explain to you what The Starch Solution is all about.

The Starch Solution was created by Dr. John A McDougall. He is a doctor, author of various books, and founder of the McDougall Program. He has published many studies on the effects of a fully Plant-Based diet concerning various health conditions such as cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other chronic diseases.

 Now, don’t freak out, and please continue reading:

 It is based on a whole-food, completely Vegan way of eating. The main part of this „diet“ focuses on Starches, which means complex carbohydrates that are high in starch and fiber.

According to Dr. McDougall, a plant-based diet mainly focused on starches is the IDEAL WAY OF EATING FOR ALL HUMANS. It will not only make you lose weight, but it will also support your health and heal diseases.

Here is why The Starch Solution will help with weight loss and improved health:

The Starch Solution „Diet“ consists of approximately 70% starch, 20% vegetables, and 10% fruit. 

 Depending on your Weight Loss goal and how fast you want to lose it, those numbers can be adjusted. (For fast and maximum weight loss, Dr. McDougall recommends consuming the same amount of starch as vegetables, so 45% each)

Since Vegetables are very low in calories, eating half of your daily food intake from vegetables automatically creates a big calorie deficit which will contribute to a fast weight loss.

Here are some basic rules: 

  • Eat intuitively, which means whenever you feel hungry.
    There is no need to count your calories or measure out your portions, you can eat until you are completely satisfied and reach a pleasant amount of fullness.
  • Try sticking to it. 
    Once you adjusted to this way of eating, stick to it as much as possible. The more often you consume non-compliant foods, the harder it will get to return to this way of eating.
  • Eat more whole grains.
    Try to avoid white flour as much as possible and choose whole wheat bread, pasta and tortillas instead. I ate a lot of white rice and still lost weight, however, it is recommended to switch to brown rice or at least mixing these two.
  • Flavor your food. 
    Use condiments, seasoning, and sauces that are low in fat, but still, bring a lot of flavor to your dishes.

Weight Loss Journey - Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Does this still sound like a new diet to you that has a lot of unrealistic rules and just doesn’t seem to be sustainable?

I promise you it is not. Starches are naturally very filling and satisfying foods, that’s why you always crave them so much, especially while eating a low-carb diet. And that is the big difference why the Starch Solution will be sustainable long-term.

Once you reached your weight loss goal following The Starch Solution, you can maintain it by just continuing to consume most of your calories from starches and limit your plant-based fat intake. (Still leave out any vegetable oils and animal products)

Like I mentioned before. You don’t have to limit your calories or portions, you can eat as many starches, vegetables, and fruits as you need to feel fully satisfied. You can also eat whenever you want and don’t have to follow a fasting window. If you still want to do this, feel free to do so, but don’t feel like you have to for weight loss. Your hunger signs are there for a reason and you should recognize and please them instead of ignoring them.

So this was just a very short introduction to what The Starch Solution is about. Of course, there are many more details, reasons and most importantly proven facts included in the book. 

I highly recommend you get the book and read it yourself. There are many testimonials included and after reading the book, you will never see the world with the same eyes again and change your complete way of thinking.

The book explains the science behind a starch-centered, plant-based diet, and all its health benefits. You will also find many helpful weight loss tips and around 100 plant-based, easy recipes that will not only help you lose weight even faster but also manage or prevent you from chronic illness. Dr. McDougall also shares a lot of recipes and weight loss tips on his FREE Website. 

If you read this far and still think my Weight Loss only happened because of a Vegan Diet in general, you’re wrong. I switched to a Vegan Diet way before that and it did not help me lose any weight. In fact, I even gained weight on a typical Vegan Diet.

If you are still not convinced, check out these free resources:

These two doctors share a lot of helpful information and proven facts. 

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